My past and current research have led to various publications in the form of (peer-reviewed) conference and workshop papers, book chapters, and journal articles, which can be divided into several topics. A vast amount of my published work can be linked to the FERNAT project, and discusses information extraction topics like event extraction and news processing. Additionally, I have published work within the context of my Ph.D. project on the financial applications of news and events, such as algorithmic trading and risk assessments. Other publications cover Semantic Web data structures and techniques (and applications thereof), and intelligent, self-learning agents in dynamic environments.

Information Extraction

Event discovery, news processing, and more...

With respect to the field of Information Extraction, I mainly published work related to my FERNAT project. Papers are related to the topics of event discovery, news processing, and natural language processing:

Algorithmic Trading

Financial applications of news and events

My research on the topic of Algorithmic Trading is closely related to my FERNAT project and has led to papers discussing various applications of news and events in automated trading methods:

Semantic Web

Novel techniques and applications

My Semantic Web-related research resulted in papers discussing (applications of) Semantic Web data structures in general, and more specifically spatial knowledge representation, query languages, query optimization, semantic clustering, taxonomy construction, ontology visualization, web service discovery, social customer relationship management systems, and mash-ups:

Trading Agents

Intelligent, self-learning agents in dynamic environments

Some of my other work is related to intelligent learning agents in supply chain environments:


Frederik Hogenboom, Ph.D.