Welcome to my personal page! My name is Frederik Hogenboom, and I hold a BSc., a cum laude MSc., and a Ph.D. degree in Economics and Informatics. My degrees are obtained at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to which I am still affiliated for further spin-off research and new projects. Currently, I am full-time employed in industry as a language technologies expert at WCC Smart Search & Match, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

In my spare time, I still conduct research within the multidisciplinary field of business intelligence. Over the years, I have published many articles on various topics, ranging from general information extraction and news processing approaches to novel Semantic Web techniques and applications, and from applications of news and events in automated trading methods to intelligent learning agents. Therefore, as these things go in academia, my general expertise is spread across multiple disciplines, and I consider myself to be a computational linguist within the financial domain, with a strong affection towards knowledge-driven event extraction from unstructured data.

CC Smart Search & Match

WCC Smart Search & Match

Utrecht, The Netherlands

WCC is the world's leading developer of advanced search and match technology. Its software enables large organizations to make optimal business decisions through better use of available data sources. The data can be exact or inexact, structured or unstructured, private or public, and take any modality. Unlike conventional database technology, the software effortlessly handles enormous data volumes and returns useful results in under a second. The key to WCC's success is the unique approach to search and match. The award-winning technology provides insight into a wide array of relevant information hidden in databases.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is an internationally oriented research university with a strong social orientation in its teaching and research. Its scientists and students endeavour to solve global social challenges, drawing inspiration from the ever dynamic and cosmopolitan Rotterdam. Academic education is intensive, active and application-based. Research is increasingly carried out in multidisciplinary teams, which are closely interlinked with international networks. With its research impact and study quality, EUR can compete with the top European universities.


Frederik Hogenboom, Ph.D.

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